Full-Service Certification

Presort.com   December 30, 2014    

Are you using USPS-certified presort and post-presort software for your Intelligent Mail Full-Service mailings? Or are you using a USPS-certified Mail Service Provider? There is a quick and easy way to find the answer to these questions: check the certification listings on the United States Postal Service®(USPS®) RIBBS® web site. While certification is not mandatory for software providers or mail service providers to be able to offer products and services that support Full-Service, it is a great indicator that these suppliers took the time and made the effort to go through the certification process.


Certification Process

There are two levels of Full-Service Certification: Standard and Platinum. The Standard level means that the provider has met all the testing and certification requirements for support of Full-Service from the USPS. The Platinum level means that the provider has met the Standard level certifications, plus is meeting the testing standards of an independent Certified Quality Auditor. This certification process is open to software vendors, Mail Service Providers and Mail Owners. Upon successful completion of the certification process, the certified companies are prominently listed on the USPS RIBBS web site, along with links to their web sites and a point of contact phone number. Certified companies remain on these lists as long as they are consistently meeting minimum thresholds on their Mailer Scorecards. In addition, both internal and external audits are required every three (3) years. The guide for this certification process is also available on the USPS RIBBS web site.



There are a number of benefits to having this certification. If you are a software vendor or mail service provider, this process helps insure that your products and services are meeting the USPS requirements for Full-Service, and provides a great quality control process in addition to those you may already have in place internally. In addition, it gives your company great recognition and status in the mailing industry, which may help you increase your business! If you are a Mail Owner, the certification process is also a great quality control effort, and can help insure that your workflow processes will keep your Mailer Scorecard results positive and help reduce financial penalties for non-compliance errors. Mail Owners also benefit by having a list of certified software and Mail Service Providers to contact when they are in need of services.


Accessing the certified vendor lists

There are two different listings available on the USPS RIBBS web site: one is for certified software providers, both presort and post-presort software solutions, the other is for Mail Owners and Mail Service Providers. Both lists are routinely updated, so make sure that you are checking these frequently for any additions or changes to the listings.



Window Book offers USPS certified software solutions, along with numerous services, such as our Full-Service On-Ramp Service (FSORS) to help mailers submit Full-Service mailings. Even if you are not ready to fully embrace Full-Service, there are tremendous benefits to using many elements of Full-Service, such as submitting mailings electronically. Window Book can help you, regardless of your level of Full-Service participation.


Getting Help From the Experts

Window Book’s industry-leading post-presort solution, DAT-MAIL can help you take advantage of Full-Service (including many USPS incentive promotions). To schedule a free Mail Optimization Analysis, visit www.windowbook.com/MOA.


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