Window Book Releases New DAT-SHIP™ solution

Presort.com   February 1, 2016    

Window Book, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of their latest breakthrough: A new Multi-Carrier Shipping solution, DAT-SHIP, which is designed to help shippers truly optimize their shipping operation.

DAT-SHIP provides shippers with the ability to rate shop to get the best shipping discounts and services across multiple carriers, process all modes of transit, print all the necessary paperwork, and avoid unanticipated costs of non-compliance. DAT-SHIP is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SAAS / cloud technology). and it is fully compliant with UPS®, FedEx, DHL, and USPS® regulations.

Because DAT-SHIP uses budget-friendly transaction-based pricing, you can get the best system for your needs, regardless of volume. Whether you are a low or high volume shipper you can use DAT-SHIP to rate shop based on the most logical mode of transport – B2B, B2C, Residential, etc. DAT-SHIP can even optimize between small package shipments and LTL.

“Now shippers can use DAT-SHIP to simplify their workflow, save time by batch printing labels and easily manage shipping for all their carriers with the same system.” said Jeffery Peoples, Window Book’s CEO.  “We are continually looking for better ways for shippers and mailers to increase efficiencies in the process. DAT-SHIP integrates with their in-house systems and I am certain many shippers will realize tremendous time and money savings from using DAT-SHIP and increase their profitability in the process,”  added Peoples.

Shippers who wish to see and learn more about DAT-SHIP are encouraged get a free Shipping Optimization Analysis by visiting www.windowbook.com/Lp/Shipping-Optimization-Analysis or call 1-617-395-4585 to learn how can optimize your shipping operation.


About Window Book
Window Book is currently celebrating its 28th year helping clients manage their mailing and shipping operations more profitably. We help you to: Streamline mail and shipping processes to reduce operational costs and increase productivity! Implement Full-Service and Seamless Acceptance to minimize the risk of downstream quality issues and be in a better position to defend your preparation processes. Grow with Emerging Technologies. Automate YourPostalOne! Submissions. Move to the Cloud to Optimize Your Operations. Use Your Data to keep up with beating the competition. One shipping solution that rate shops your options: DAT-SHIP! 
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