ADOsort program that sorts and prints postal bulk mail is now available as a free download upon request

Presort.com   January 23, 2017    

Source code for the ADOsort program that sorts and prints postal bulk mail is now available as a free download upon request.  ADOsort executables for preparing First Class Automation letter and cards and Automation Marketing Mail have been bundled with Semaphore Corporation’s ZP4 CASS software since 2005.

ADOsort is now at version 53, and includes the new 2017 Postal Service forms and rates effective January 22, 2017.  The software’s license allows ADOsort to be freely modified and/or distributed at no charge.

ADOsort recognizes all the common file and database input formats, includes an excellent user interface for laying out and printing barcoded address blocks and tray labels, and generates the required presort qualification reports and 3600 and 3602 postage statements.

The sorting module for group and tray calculations can be driven from any custom code that wishes to bypass the program’s user interface, sorted data can be exported for custom programs that wish to instead do their own printing, and all necessary tables for postage, group, and tray calculations can be edited on-screen and kept up to date.

An included interactive design tool, with source code, allows ADOsort to precisely reformat output to match yearly postage statement layout changes.

Complete documentation and an illustrated step-by-step tutorial with sample data and screen snapshots is included.

The ADOsort download also includes a number of other useful tools, with source code:  DUPDTECT (to find and edit duplicate records), GENDER (to determine gender from first names), NAMECHOP (to parse single-field names into separate fields), and many others.

Semaphore Corporation is the creator of ADOsort, and operates an extensive low-cost high-speed network for CASS-certifying addresses at a flat rate of $1 per megabyte of input/output regardless of user speed, volume, or frequency, with no throttling, no data limits, no deadlines, no file uploads, a full complement of canned interactive and batch tools, scrollable windows on databases, optional programmable interfaces, geographically dispersed server farms, automatic failover for complete redundancy, high speed overlapped processing for zero network latency, complete encryption for total privacy, and no programming or scripting required.

Semaphore Corporation is 35 years old, has been providing postal software and services for over 27 years, and was the only vendor to offer free FASTforward processing (in 1998), the first vendor to certify for and ship Delivery Point Validation (in 2001), the first vendor to certify for and ship DirectDPV (in 2007), and now the first vendor to post their source code for presorting postal bulk mail.

Visit semaphorecorp.com or email help@semaphorecorp.com for more information.