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Presort.com   May 11, 2017    

The imagePRESS C850 offers quality that rivals offset with technologies such as Gloss Optimization; consistent color; real-time color correction and calibration features; and excellent front-to-back registration.

If you’re looking for the quality, consistency, and reliability a large digital press offers but in a smaller footprint, Canon U.S.A.’s imagePRESS C850 Series fits the bill—and then some. At GRAPH EXPO 16, Canon U.S.A. unveiled the new imagePRESS C850 Series; this succeeds the imagePRESS C800 Series, which was responsible for Canon’s market leadership in the 301K to 999K color duty-cycle segment in the U.S. market for eight  consecutive quarters, from Q4 2014 to Q3 2016, according to InfoTrends’ Quarterly Tracker.

For commercial printers, the imagePRESS C850/C750 offer quality that rivals offset while also offering advantages, such as Gloss Optimization; consistent color, thanks to the stable engine platform with CV toner; Multi D.A.T., real-time color correction and calibration features, including G7 calibration on the PRISMAsync Print Server; and excellent front-to-back registration.

For in-plant print centers, the imagePRESS C850 and C750 digital color production presses deliver the productivity, ease of use, and versatility these operations require. The presses let in-plants do more with fewer operators. Optional PRISMA software solutions and PRISMAsync provide simple, intuitive operation. Jobs are rapidly processed and can be finished in-line, with minimal operator intervention. To enhance productivity, customers can submit work to the print center via a wide variety of available software solutions, including Canon’s enterprise-wide print management leveraging uniFLOW and PRISMAdirect.

And for the quick print, commercial printer/graphic arts, and print-for-pay markets, there’s finally a solution that meets their needs, thanks to this Series’ high quality, reliability, and versatility, delivering powerful opportunities in a small footprint. Intuitive, easy-to-use user interfaces help streamline prepress and production tasks. Double-sided printing of long sheets is also possible. Customers can expand their capabilities to handle a range of media, including long sheets up to 30 inches and envelopes in different sizes and weights. In-line finishing options facilitate the output of ring-bound presentations, trifold flyers such as sell sheets — as well as multipage, full-bleed brochures.

“The Canon imagePRESS C850 delivers superior output and powerful job management capabilities in a small footprint,” said Pete Emory, BLI’s Director of U.S./Asia Research and Lab Services. “Image quality was equally outstanding on coated and uncoated stocks, and even with textured paper and envelopes. In fact, the device earned BLI’s 5-Star status for fine line production. Color calibration, especially when using the PRISMAsync controller with in-RIP G7 calibration, is straightforward, making it easy to maintain that high level of quality over longer runs. And with simple procedures for programming media types, creating automated workflows and submitting jobs, the imagePRESS C850 promises to keep operators productive throughout the day.”

Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) recognized the Canon imagePRESS C850 digital press as Outstanding Color Light Production Device.

The Canon imagePRESS C850 digital press was recognized as Outstanding Color Light Production Device by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), which acknowledges the best-in-class device per category in BLI’s production tests. According to Pete Emory, Director of U.S./Asia Research and Lab Services, BLI, “We found the image quality of the imagePRESS C850 to be bright, vibrant and consistent over the course of the test. The toner really bonded to the fibers of the paper, so on coated and uncoated stocks, and even with textured paper and envelopes, quality was equally outstanding. And job management was among the best we’ve seen.”

This imagePRESS Series is designed to provide offset-like image quality through Canon’s Gloss Optimization technology. It enables matching the gloss of the toner image to that of the media used, and does so with a 32-beam R-VCSEL red laser to help produce crisp and clear images efficiently at 2400 x 2400 dpi. With a number of screen patterns to choose from, the press now offers a new 190-lpi (lines per inch) dot screen for increased flexibility and optimized quality closer to offset. By using CV Toner and an Advanced Image Transfer Belt, these devices can print high-quality, consistent output on a variety of media, including textured stocks.

To help meet the growing demands of print service providers, the imagePRESS C850/C750 operate at print speeds of up to 85 and 75 Letter-sized images per minute in color and black-and-white, respectively. The digital press provides reliable paper feeding, with air separation and double-sheet detection intended to reduce paper jams and production interruptions.

The imagePRESS C850/C750 color digital presses offer automatic, real-time calibration and provide tools to help reduce calibration time to reliably deliver high-quality, repeatable, predictable output with minimal operator intervention. The developer unit maintains a cool temperature to help ensure stable image quality across print runs. The Compact Registration Module (CRM) combines digital sensors together with registration rollers to help ensure that sheets are correctly positioned during print runs for high-quality results every time. With the help of a Humidity Sensor/Airflow Unit, the precisely controlled internal environment and airflow help maintain consistent, high-quality images across print runs.

The presses offer support for various types of media (up to 300 gsm), including textured paper, thin-coated paper from 100 gsm, and various sizes as well as envelopes.

An optional Multi-Drawer Paper Deck with up to 7,650-sheet input capacity allows for unattended production runs. And with up to six different sources, operators can load many different media types for mixed-media jobs.

The imagePRESS C850/C750 color digital presses support a variety of in-line finishing options to help expand the offerings of print service providers, including the ability to stack, fold, saddle-stitch, staple, perfect-bind, and ring-bind. The MultiFunction Professional Puncher-A1 provides users with the ability to die punch on a wide range of media sizes and weights for Letter-sized and larger, oblong-bound books. Using Canon’s die set, this finishing module can crease documents in-line to produce folded applications, including saddle-stitched booklets, with less paper cracking on the spine of the document.

These printers now supports auto-duplex printing of up to 30-inch-long sheets, proving to be helpful in the short-run production of six-panel brochures, posters, and dust jackets.

Canon's PRISMAsync Color Print Server for imagePRESS is the first DFE-embedded Idealliance G7-Certified System, with productivity features such as the Job Scheduler and Remote Manager.

Canon’s PRISMAsync Color Print Server for imagePRESS is the first DFE-embedded Idealliance G7-Certified System.

With this imagePRESS Series, print professionals also have the option to select the digital front-end to help get the most from their workflow. Among these options is Canon’s PRISMAsync Color Print Server for imagePRESS, the first DFE-embedded Idealliance G7-Certified System, which also offers unique productivity tools such as the Job Scheduler and Remote Manager for up to eight hours of plan-ahead production. Now further enhanced with the new Version 5 platform, PRISMAsync features extended color correction toolsets, configuration flexibility, and embedded JDF/JMF workflow connectivity. Users also have the option of selecting imagePRESS Server F200 or imagePRESS Server G100, built on EFI’s Fiery FS150 platform—all offering fast processing and enabling superb image quality and streamlined, automated workflows for sheet-fed digital production systems.

Highly innovative, the imagePRESS C850/C750 color digital production presses offer end-to-end solutions and outstanding day-to-day reliability that can help all print operations achieve greater success in their market segment. The small footprint and environmentally conscious features make these presses a superb fit for almost every operation.

For more information on the imagePRESS C850 Series please visit, usa.canon.com/imagePRESSC850series.