4 Reasons Ad Mail Is Still Winning in the Age of the Internet

Presort.com   May 12, 2017    

Organizing the right customer data, buying the right materials, designing letters, printing out mailings, stuffing envelopes, and paying for postage … all of this seems like a lot of trouble for a company to go through. So why is costly “junk mail” landing in the mailboxes of so many Americans? Why does it persist, even when faster and cheaper strategies are becoming more popular and prevalent?

1. Recipients Spend More Time with Every Piece of Mail They Get

It’s all about the nature of mail; it’s so very direct. Those familiar with the difficult world of email marketing know that the open rate hovers around 17-27 percent. With direct mail, 70-80 percent of recipients will open their mail, even if they think it’s junk.

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