What Is Agile Direct Mail and Why Do I Need It?

Presort.com   October 26, 2017    

Many organizations are familiar with agility strategy, but have you considered how you can create agile direct mail campaigns? Why should we even consider this for direct mail, because agile means we can quickly adapt to changing circumstances to stay ahead of the competition? Are you ready to see how you can create an agile direct mail campaign?

Agile Campaign:

  1. Roadmap: First you need to build your roadmap. This will consist of three to four direct mail deployments and tracking. Each mailing will highlight a new benefit of your product or service, along with a new offer. After each mailing, check reporting to see what is working and what needs to be changed. It all comes down to the four basics of agility: Thoughts/ideas, Questions, Decisions and Actions.
  2. Mailing 1: Design and mail your first drop. Be sure to include multiple ways to respond and track your responses.

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