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Business Type Mailer
Phone (317) 283-1700
Fax (317) 283-1711
Email info@vdirect.us
Website http://www.vdirect.us
Address 2222 Enterprise Park Place 
Indianapolis, IN 46218-3597

Company Information


  • FundraisingVisionDirect handles direct mail fundraising efforts for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and the Indiana University Foundation.
  • Financial: First Merchants Bank and Financial Center Federal Credit Union use VisionDirect to target prospective customers with postcard and letter campaigns.
  • Cable: Insight Communications uses direct mail 52 weeks a year to cross-market their cable, Internet and telephony services.
  • Health care: The Care Group and M Plan are just two of VisionDirect clients in the Health Care field.
  • Education: Marian College, University of Indianapolisand the IU Foundation are among clients using VisionDirect for recruitment marketing and alumni communications.

How does VisionDirect deliver exceptional direct mail results?

Database management and list services: The right prospect list is the most important ingredient for a successful direct mail campaign. Conversely, the wrong list — a list with too many low probability prospects — will almost ensure failure. Hand-in-hand with the right list comes list management. VisionDirect employs state of the art technology to manage our client’s data. VisionDirect eliminates duplicate prospects and makes sure titles, names and addresses are correct. The result? Data that’s clean and up to date and a direct mail campaign that’s more efficient and more effective.

Variable data printing: Personalize! Personalize! Personalize! Next to having the right prospect list, no one factor is more important than personalizing your direct mail. The more you personalize, the greater your impact and the better your response rate. At VisionDirect, our variable printing and versioning tools allow our clients almost unlimited opportunity to personalize their communications.

Technology, tools and design that can make direct mail look like personal mail: According to the U.S. Postal Service, over 20% of all direct mail gets junked before it’s opened. Why? Because the envelope hasn’t been properly personalized or optimized. Handwritten fonts, live stamps, personalization and color are just four of the techniquesVisionDirect uses to get your direct mail opened.

Digital printing: Digital technology allows VisionDirect to electronically create, store, and edit copy and graphics, eliminating costly steps for our clients and enhancing the look of their marketing materials. Digital printing is particularly cost-effective for short production runs.

Inkjet printing: State-of-the art Videojet and Buskro inkjet printers combine high-resolution printing and True-Type® fonts with features like extra-wide tabbing.

High speed inserting: You can increase response rates between 10% and 50%. Reply mailers, statement stuffers, premiums and coupons are four types of inserts that work well for VisionDirect clients. VisionDirect’s Flowmaster FX and 12000 inserters are state-of-the-art intelligent inserters.

Matched mailings: Our matched mailing system automatically matches up to three personalized inserts at high speed. No “To Whom It May Concern” letters or generic content for each customer. Get personalized content at 100% accuracy with no mismatched material.

Print Services: We manage millions of dollars annually in print services, providing our clients a one-stop solution for all their print and direct mail needs.

How can VisionDirect help you?

Whether you’re just starting your direct mail project – or ready to go to print – if you’re looking for database management, digital printing, inkjet printing or high-speed insertions, VisionDirect has the expertise to make your direct mail marketing efficient, effective and easy.

Call us at 317-283-1700.

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